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Nataria Cloth1 December 12, 2009

e-mail :


1.    Sila email kan kod pakaian yang dikehendaki (contoh: NR 803026).

Nota: Baju-baju yang diiklan kan adalah “free size” dan tiada pemulangan di benarkan melainkan kerosokan

oleh pihak penjual.


1. Please email “code of clothing” (example : NR 803026)

Note : all the cloth that advertise here is a “free size” and non return unless it damage from factory.


1.   Kos penghantaran adalah RM 7.00 seluruh Malaysia.

2.   Penghataran dibuat 5 hari selepas pembayaran di terima di dalam akaun.

3.   Sila emailkan nombor talifon dan alamat bagi tujuan penghantaran.


1. Postage cost is RM 7.00 entire Malaysia and for oversea buyer it follow Pos Malaysia Rate.

2. Delivery will be made after 5 days payment received in account.

3. Please email phone number and address for delivery.


1.   Pembayaran boleh di buat melalui

No Akaun : 1071  1659  2260 (Mardziah)

2.   Sila emailkan resit pembayaran Maybank apabila pembayaran telah dibuat.


1. Payment can be made at

Account Number 1071 1659 2260 (Mardziah)

2. Please email Maybank Resit after payment.


2 Responses to “Nataria Cloth1”

  1. Rajee Says:

    I love Latina’’s stylish and affordable..please send me your subscription..and i would like to be a member of Nataria

    • mazjohnson Says:

      Thanks for your email if you interested to buy a cloth here just follow the instruction that in this blog and
      the important thing please let me know the” code number of the cloth” and all the cloth in blog mention the price but
      some of the cloth they are free size.

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